Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Technical skill.. Is this a Problem?

Q. I don't have any technical skills. Is that a problem?


Not unless you make it a problem in your head.

There are literally tens of thousands of success stories, covering people from all backgrounds, origins, professions and countries. You no longer need to come from a certain background, origin, posses a certain level of education or have any other inherent skills. The only thing all these case studies have in common is an unwavering passion to succeed at all cost. You're going to fail repeatedly, so you better get used to it. Persistence is key.

Q. How soon can folks normally quit their "day job"?
At least not for a year. Read success stories of people who made it big online and you'll learn all (or most) of them had a solid dayjob, while they were working on their online businesses. You need to put food on the table, that's your first priority.

There are enough hours in the day and plenty of resources online, so that if you're committed and willing to invest 2 hours every day and a few more over weekends to building your own sites , 12 months are more than enough to build a significant income from your online ventures. It takes time building revenues online. But it's worth it.

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