Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Making money on line.. Is it True??

Q. I keep reading about people making serious money online. Is there any truth to it or is it all hype?

Not hype.

As of 2007, the number of different ways you can make money on the Internet, has reached an all time high. Normal people are selling on eBay , promoting affiliate offers , writing for a living , creating niche content sites and typically doing it all from their home office.

In fact, I'm surprised so many people stick with their "physical world" boring day jobs and never even experiment with making money online. Their quality of life could improve significantly if they just stick to it.
Q. How much money are we talking about?
On the high end, there are people like Markus Frind , an engineer who created a free dating website, has no employees but his girlfriends who helps out and is collecting $200,000 a month from Google. Or Jeremy Schoemaker , a self taught pay per click expert, who is reportedly making $6M annually working from his home office, running 4 companies.

You have folks like Kris Jones , who started a gourmet food company, doing affiliate marketing on the side and ended up repositioning and creating the fastest growing full-service Internet Marketing agency in the United States with now nearly 100 employees, all financed from affiliate marketing profits.

There's a nice lady by the name of Wendy Piersall , who started a blog titled eMomsAtHome and turned it into a little empire.

We're talking big money.

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